DLF Trial Site established in Ireland


Variety Trials

To test varieties of grass, we have two harvest years following sowing. In the first harvest year we use the General Purpose protocol as defined by the Department of Agriculture recommended list. This is one spring grazing cut followed by two silage cuts and then three grazing cuts.

In the second year we implement the simulated grazing protocol which is an 8 – 10 cut system taken at periods corresponding to current commercial practice.









Mixture Trials

There is no variety that ticks every box, optimal spring growth, summer and autumn growth, combined with high digestibility and ground cover scores. That is why our research team designs mixtures based on individual variety performance and trial data from the actual mixture. We pride ourselves on mixture formulation which is tried and tested under Irish conditions to ensure productivity as promised from our brands.









Training - DLF Academy

DLF prides itself on the level of training and support it can offer. It is essential that both merchants and growers are kept abreast of the latest techniques and developments in

the industry. Livestock producers who use ForageMax mixtures can be assured that their supplier has access to one of the best grass seed training facilities in Europe.