DLF Trial Grounds

Our DLF Trials Manager Ed manges our site in Waterford. Check out Ed's instagram where he uploads quirky images and videos abour our DLF Trials Ground. Follow Ed on Instagram @dlf_trials

DLF Research and Development and Trials

To date, we have been selecting varieties from what we refer to as common trials. These trials are replicated across the DLF EU breeding and selection sites.   

In 2019, we planted the first material bred specifically for Ireland, in Ireland, which is a major milestone in DLF Breeding for Ireland. As of 2020 we will be evaluating varieties from the Lab in terms of genetic traits and Genome selection all the way to evaluating the on-farm performance of varieties with our grass partner program. We are not a seed trading company; we breed, research, develop and distribute forage solutions to Irish Farms across all forage species.

DLF is the largest grass seed breeder in the world, and with the support of our global research programme, DLF Ireland continues to invest in Irish grassland with a complete lab to farm research program and delivering solutions to the Irish Farmer. The results of our R&D efforts will be seen in 2020 with the Listing of Perennial ryegrass variety Nashota which is the first variety to be recommended in Ireland and selected in our Waterford Trial site.


Grass Partner Farm Programme in Ireland

Our Grass Partner Farm is in operation to test varieties in real life and identify elite performers in yield, palatability, recovery and persistency.  We are excited about the future of the programme, both in terms of the value it can deliver to our grass partners in the efficient running of their farm, and the role it will play in enriching our trials and breeding programme in Ireland.