2 .Dec.2019

ProNitro - Ready to Grow

Save time and money with new improved ProNitro® seed coating

Save both time and money with the ProNitro® seed coating with hydroactive water management technology. The coating contains nitrogen and wetting agent. With this combination you will ensure a much more efficient use of water, and you will get much stronger and faster establishment, because the wetting agent will lower the water surface tension

With ProNitro® coated seed you get a dense lawn with less weeds in no time. 

ProNitro® is recommended for all types of playing surfaces. On golf greens and football pitches in low-fertility, sandy soils, ProNitro® provides stronger and faster establishment. Sport fields sown with ProNitro® become playable sooner, while sod/turf producers obtain an earlier product containing less Poa annua

Coating contains 15% nitrogen in fast- and slow-acting forms

Although the concept of coating grass seed with fertiliser is not new, ProNitro® goes much further. It contains a combination of fast-acting and slow-releasing nitrogen that feeds the seed and seedling throughout the first crucial month. Tests show that the leaching of nitrogen is far less with ProNitro® than with regular grass seed and a standard fertiliser.
With its 15% nitrogen content, ProNitro® is also far more effective. In comparison, the nitrogen content of existing seed coatings is typically between 1% and 2%, which is why the effects are often negligible.

Increase plant survival rates by up to 34%

Very little goes to waste with ProNitro® hydroactive. The nitrogen in the coating goes directly to your germinating seeds and developing seedlings. Roots and shoots grow rapidly in the first stages of growth; the seedlings become strong and vigorous and competitive to weeds. After establishement the fast growth wears off as the fertilizer is used up. Rapid growth improves the take-up of all available soil nutrients and decreases nutrient losses into the environment by fixation or leaching. This is especially relevant when overseeding a competitive sward.

Tests by the Sports Turf Research Institute show that grass establishes significantly better with coated grass seed. Up to 34% more plants survive the establishment phase, creating a denser sward. These plants also have more than 30% longer roots compared to untreated seeds, resulting in better stress-tolerance.

Benefits of ProNitro®

  • Labour saving
  • Cost effective
  • Denser lawn
  • Improved stress-tolerance
  • Increased wear-tolerance
  • Reduced levels of Poa annua and other weeds
  • Reduced nutrient losses to the environment
  • More plant establishment