23 .Jul.2018

Hybrid Rape: An Excellent Alternative Winter Feed

Hybrid Rape:
An Excellent Alternative Winter Feed

As one of the cheapest forms of winter feed available, hybrid forage rape is a cross between Rape and Kale. This Hybrid Rape provides farmers with a faster establishing, higher yielding crop than conventional rape. The crop is ready to feed as early as 10-12 weeks post sowing; representing a very good opportunity for farmers short on feed this winter.

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The Best Hybrid Rape Variety on the Market 

Trials conducted by Limagrain in the UK show Interval Hybrid Rape out-performing Redstart by 23% and exceed control varieties by 17% - as seen below.

Long-Term Value of Hybrid Rape:

By increasing dry matter production and providing better soil structure, integrating a Hybrid Rape forage crop into the reseeding cycle pays dividends to grassland and cereal farmers.
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