6 .Jun.2017

DLF launch #MoreMilkWithDLF

DLF Partners with Three Irish Dairy Farmers to Aid their Business Expansion Through Maximising Grassland Production

On Friday 2nd June DLF launched the #MoreMilkWithDLF Grass Partner Programme in Waterford. The initiative will aid three participating farmers in expanding and improving their farming enterprise through better grassland utilisation through a combination of expert advice, top class varieties and unique access to the latest grass genetic material coming from DLF’s Irish breeding grounds. Participating farmers will profit from DLF’s worldwide innovation focus and ultimately achieve “More Milk with DLF”, while farmers across the country can follow this journey on Twitter and Facebook.

Speaking at the launch was Paul Flanagan, General Manager DLF IrelandDLF is dedicated to innovation through science. We’re really excited to be able to give farmers participating in this programme customised grassland management advice and unprecedented access to the latest varieties coming from the extensive research taking place in our grass breeding programme here in Waterford.”

The three partner farmers participating in the initiative include; David Thomas farming in Co. Offaly who in partnership with his father is converting from beef to dairy, Eamonn Kent Co. Waterford who is planning to maintain his stock numbers but produce more milk through better grassland management farming. And finally, David Hunter in Co. Tyrone who started dairy farming 4 years ago and wants to get better at grassland utilisation before he expands. A full assessment of their grassland platform will be followed by the design and roll out of bespoke reseeding and grass management programmes.  

Talking specifically about the farmers involved Paul continued “All three farmers have specific challenges on their farm and we’re excited about the opportunities we can deliver for them. Ultimately, we will turn our varieties into profit for our partner farmers, through an increased output of milk.

Eamonn Kent, DLF grass partner who attended the launch had the following to say "I’m really excited to be involved in the More Milk with DLF grass partner programme. The DLF trial ground is just over the road from me here in Waterford, so I’m looking forward to putting their expertise and varieties into implementation for the benefit of my farm.

Also speaking at the launch was Michael O’Donovan, Head of Grassland Research at Moorepark Teagasc; “Maximising grassland utilisation is what we are about and is undoubtedly the most profitable way to produce milk. Ireland has an advantage on a global scale with the amount of grass we can grow and utilize. It is great to see DLF promoting grass production and utilization, and the fact they will be now testing new material with cows is a very welcome move. I’m delighted to support this programme by DLF and I will be watching with interest as these farmers leverage new grass genetics grown on Irish soil.”

The “More Milk with DLF” Grass Partner programme is a long-term project that will aid the grassland utilisation for the three farmers involved. Farmers across the island can follow the participating farmers progress on twitter @DLFSeeds, on Facebook DLF Ireland or sign-up to DLF’s monthly newsletter by emailing info@dlfseeds.ie

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