Pelleted N seed coating

  • Efficient seedbed fertiliser placement.
  • Increases forage yield and therefore more meat and milk.
  • Emergence, density and wear are improved.
  • ProNitro® is a coating with nutrients located around the seed, as a supplement to the seeds own reserves.
  • With ProNitro® there are easily accessible nutrients on each individual seed.
  • Contains 10% N.

Sow at 12kg/acre (30kg/ha) for overseeding


This results in a number of advantages:

  • Enhanced early growth and improved tolerance to stress.
  • Fertiliser application exactly in the root zone.
  • Better utilisation of nutrients and reduced loss to the environment.
  • Bigger and heavier seeds in better contact with soil surface.
  • Feeds only the seed not the weed or surrounding grass.
  • Better root and shoot extension.
  • Average of +30% more viable plants.
  • No application costs.