GroMax Biostimulant                                                                                                                                             


Biostimulants do not offer the benefit of added nutrients; they simply assist the seedling’s ability to take advantage of the soil’s own inherent reserves of nutrient by stimulating the soil’s microflora, resulting in improved root growth and establishment.


Ingredient Summary


Humic Acids

Rich in auxin type substances which enhance antioxidant synthesis – important in increasing plant metabolism under stress conditions Serve as an important high carbon food source for soil micro-organisms

Improve the permeability of cell-wall membranes in roots, allowing more rapid absorption of essential nutrients

Seaweed Extract

Contains high levels of cytokinins which promote cell division and lateral root growth and delay the ageing

process of plant tissue Stimulates root growth after damage by disease or root feeding insects, or under conditions of temperature, water or salt stress


Serves as a high energy food source for plant and soil micro-organisms

B Complex & K Vitamins

Act as important catalysts to enhance and drive plant metabolism. Vitamin B1 is widely used as a rooting aid

Amino acids

Form the building blocks of proteins - essential for plant growth and metabolism


Plays a vital role in disease resistance and overall hardiness of grass plants

Following extensive research DLF-Trif olium is delighted to continue to offer the benefits of biostimulants to the Forage Max range.


*All standard ForageMax mixtures, with the exception of the organic range, will be treated with GroMax at no extra cost.