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Permanent pasture where retention of pure perennial ryegrass is challenging

This mixture is specifically formulated to be a permanent pasture for heavy land where the retention of pure perennial ryegrass is challenging.

The inclusion of meadow fecue and creeping fescue will ensure the base of the sward remains closed preventing invasive species from taking hold. The ForageMax® Heavy Soils mixture is specifically designed for the more challenging soils on your farm and will certainly stand the test of time.


                                 CUT & GRAZE (10 YEARS PLUS)
                                                   HEAVY SOILS
25%        Smile  [NEW 2019]        Late perennial ryegrass
20% Kerry                  Late perennial ryegrass
25% Aspect [T]           Late perennial ryegrass
5% Maxima              Creeping Red Fescue
5% Laura                  Meadow Fescue
15% Dolina                 Timothy
5% Dual Purpose      White Clover Blend
Available in 12 & 14kg packs



Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

  • High inclusion of diploid ryegrass for good ground cover
  • Aspect Tetraploid is denser than some listed Diploids and highly palatable
  • Inclusion of fescues keeps the sward closed preventing weeds invading the sward
  • Long term permanent pasture mix suitable for colder heavier soils where Ryegrass struggles