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High Quality Grass Seed

Introduction to HF Seeds

Good grass leys whether for cutting or grazing are the foundation of every livestock enterprise and for over 50 years the HF brand has been at the forefront of innovation in grass seed mixtures and has earned its rightful place as one of the UK’s leading grass seed brands. The HF logo on the bag is synonymous with the highest seed quality, the very best varieties and unrivalled performance in terms of productive and palatable grass swards.

Now part of DLF, the world’s largest grass seed company, HF Seeds has access to greater technical and commercial resources than ever before. With over 130 years’ experience in plant breeding and seed production, DLF has Europe’s largest research and development programme to breed new and improved grass and clover varieties which has led to the company having significantly more varieties on UK Recommended Lists than any of its competitors.

With the backing of DLF, HF Seeds continues to go from strength to strength.

The HF total quality philosophy goes much further than just varieties and mixture trials however, and extends as far as the farm gate and the end user. All HF products are backed by a country-wide network of in-house specialists and experienced distributors who are capable of offering technical help and advice on all aspects of mixture selection and establishment.

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Technical Excellence

HF mixtures are formulated with only the very best varieties specially selected from data obtained in both UK Recommended List trials and from the company’s own trial plots.

Seed Quality

HF standards of seed purity and germination are literally second to none ensuring the rapid establishment of dense, weed free swards.

Feed Value

The emphasis placed on both forage quality and digestibility ensures that the maximum potential from forage is achieved

Mixture Range

With a comprehensive mixture range, HF has a carefully designed mixture for all locations and different sward uses.


Research and development ensures that HF mixtures lead the field with innovative products like GrassMax™, ProNitro®, Advanced™ Grasses and high DNDF varieties.