DLF Herbal Ley 14 Species

A specialist multi-species mixture from DLF

Why sow multi-species 

  • Multi-species swards can produce similar DM yields to perennial ryegrass swards at significantly lower rates of inorganic N fertiliser. This could be worth up to 6 bags CAN/acre per year.
  • Multi-species swards are a source of highly digestible, high protein forage and can maintain their high quality throughout the growing season.
  • The inclusion of legumes and mineral-rich herbs provides a more balanced diet than a grass sward with species like chicory also providing some anthelminthic benefits to grazing livestock.
  • Deep-rooting legumes and herbs make multi-species swards more resistant to drought conditions.
  • Suitable for dairy, beef and sheep enterprises.
Availabe in 12KG Bags
13% Nifty Perennial ryegrass
13% Xenon Perennial ryegrass
7% Timothy Timothy Blend 
7% Meadow Fescue
10%  Chicory
10% Plantain
10%  Red Clover 
5% White Clover
2% Lucerne
3% Bridsfoot Trefoil
5% Alsike Clover
9% Sainfoin
2%  Sheeps Burnet
2% Yarrow
2% Sheeps Parsley  














Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

What DLF 14 species herbal Ley can offer 

  • Enhanced root structure gives even better nutrient use efficiency and makes this mixture suitable for a range of conditions from heavy soils to drought conditions
  • Boosted mineral and trace element content from herbs like yarrow, burnet and parsley
  • Compounds in sainfoin and birdsfoot trefoil can reduce the risk of bloat and are natural wormers

For more information check out our Multi-Species focus site