What are advanced grasses?

Advanced™ Grasses are created by crossing fescues with ryegrasses. The objective of this Advanced™ hybrid breeding is to create grass varieties with high forage quality combined with good persistence, stress tolerance and disease resistance.

Yield increases of between 10% and 50% are common when DLF varieties of Advanced™ Grasses are tested in trials.

Why are Advanced™ Grasses so successful?

  • Intensive breeding for more than 40 years.
  • Greater tolerance to variations in climate, soil management etc.
  • Yield improvement from crossing of two non-related species.
  • Development of types and varieties with different characters.




Advanced™ Tall Fescue;

HYKOR is suitable for silage mixtures together with perennial ryegrass, hybrid ryegrass and lucerne or red clover. The Advanced™ Tall Fescue increases the persistency of the mixture due to the deeper root system and tolerance to dry conditions. Hykor also shows excellent forage quality.


Advanced™ Italian Ryegrass;

The varieties PERSEUS and PERUN have all the attributes of an Italian ryegrass but exhibit improved persistence and stress tolerance. They are ideal in short term mixtures of up to 3 years’ duration and are especially good companions for red clover.


Advanced™ Hybrid Ryegrass;

The variety LOFA has the broadest appeal of all Advanced™ Grasses. It has all the attributes of a hybrid ryegrass but exhibits improved persistence and stress tolerance over standard hybrid ryegrass varieties. These characteristics make Lofa an ideal component in medium term mixtures as its persistence, being 1 - 2 years more than standard hybrid ryegrass, matches the expected duration of the vast majority of medium term mixtures currently used in the UK.


                                                                                                                                                                   ADVANCED™ GRASSES PERFORMANCE DATA


Hykor Advanced Tall Fescue     17.63 10.4 22.5 11.4 71.4
Tall Fescue 16.37 12.5 19.8 11.4 71.6
Perseus Advanced™ Italian Ryegrass
22.68 12.2 21.6 11.3 71.1
Lofa Advanced™ Hybrid Ryegrass 21.69 12.0 21.9 11.3 71.1

Tetraploid Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass

17.37 12.1 24.8 11.4 71.8