Growing fodder crops is an increasingly good way of cutting the production costs on farms. At DLF we understand that each farm has its own requirements, so we provide a wide variety of fodder crops. 

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If grazed early, a 2nd crop is possible with Forage Rye

                                                 Forage Rye Crop Information
Avg. Dry Matter Yield 5.5t/ha
Avg. Fresh Yield 25t/ha Dry Matter
Dry Matter 18-23%
Crude Protein 10 - 11%
Digestibility Value 65% DMD
Energy (ME) 10MJ/kg

Use for sheep or cattle, Forage Rye offers excellent early spring growth and proven to be very winter hardy.

When sowing in rotation it works well after cereals or maize. Strip graze to avoid wastage whilst filling the hungry gap period.

Forage Rye has few and infrequent diseases.