Growing fodder crops is an increasingly good way of cutting the production costs on farms. At DLF we understand that each farm has its own requirements, so we provide a wide variety of fodder crops. Please click on the links below to find the most suitable fodder crops for you.







Variety Type
Grampian High yield potential
Caledonian Club root resistant
Coleor Winter hardy variety
                                                       Kale Crop Information
Sowing Period April-Early July
Sowing Rate 

5kg/ha (Direct drill)

8kg/ha (Broadcast)

Dry Matter 13-15%
DM Yields 9-11tn /ha
Fresh Weight (FW) Yield 65-85 tn/ha
Energy (ME) 11Mj/kg
Digestibility Value 68 DMD


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

  • Kale needs a well-drained field which is free from pans or evidence of soil compaction. It is a fast growing crop and responds well to fertiliser and residual nutrients. It can provide up to 30-35% of dry matter intake for dairy cows and is normally grazed insitu. It is inexpensive to establish and reduces the need for housing.


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